World Snooker has signed a new long term contract with Strachan cloth and Aramith balls guaranteeing the very best playing conditions for years to come across all international professional events.
Strachan No. 10 Championship cloth has featured on the tables at the World Championships for over thirty seven years and offers the professional players the ultimate playing conditions. The cloth has incredible levels of speed, response, touch and control. The Aramith Tournament Champion phenolic balls are also used exclusively at all professional events offering levels of precision that others find impossible to match.
The conditions now provided at tournaments are so precise and technically perfect any slight variation in ambient conditions can be detected by the players. Cloth is monitored for speed and weight and now features the new Anti-KickTM technology. Balls are less than a single gram different from the lightest to the heaviest ball which no other manufacturer can get close to.
Stuart Gardiner, UK Sales Manager for Strachan cloth and Aramith balls, feels that playing conditions are probably the biggest factor in guaranteeing player satisfaction and a successful tournament. “We are constantly listening to the feedback from World Snooker and trying to improve. We want to make the best even better. We have worked tirelessly to understand and eliminate kicks from the game and have made huge steps forward last season as kicks have reduced by over 80%. The Strachan Anti-KickTM cloth and the Aramith 1G ball are genuine innovations in the game”.
World Snooker Director and WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson added: “Professional tournament conditions are now at a near perfect level with cloth, balls, tables and venues controlled to incredibly high tolerances. Despite taking our events to some challenging, hot and humid locations, the new cloth has reduced kicks by as much as 80% whilst maintaining the incredible playing conditions that we are now used to. The consistency of the balls also has a huge positive effect on the standard of the snooker. The modern professional plays at such a high standard, they deserve the ultimate conditions. This is guaranteed with Strachan Cloth and Aramith balls, it really is the very best combination”.
“We at World Snooker are delighted with the new deal with two of the game’s most iconic brands. As an ex professional player I can fully understand the importance of ensuring the very best playing conditions perfect as we can for the current top professional players. This is backed up by the ever increasing number of 100 breaks each season.” concluded Ferguson.
Strachan cloth with Anti-KickTM technology is available now on the flagship No. 10. The technology will soon be available on the Strachan premium snooker cloth range from our distributors around the world. Aramith 1G balls are available now from official worldwide Aramith Dealers.
Pictured: WPBSA Chairman, Jason Ferguson.