British snooker and pool cloth manufacturer Strachan has announced its first significant investment in new equipment since its acquisition.

New owners Vespa Capital will this year spend over £250,000 at the company’s two Gloucestershire factories that were bought towards the end of last year from Milliken, the US textile company.

The first stage of investment will take place at Cam Mills near Dursley, where the company produces its woollen yarn and will be up and running after Easter.

It will free capacity needed to cope with demand from our global markets, especially the Far East, where Strachan is the established brand leader and primary supplier to many table makers and club operators.

As a longstanding British manufacturer and exporter, we are pleased to see renewed investment in the business.” report sales director Duncan Kettell, pictured.

The state-of-the-art equipment now being installed at our Cam plant will ensure the highest quality yarn that is the starting point for making the best snooker and pool cloth anywhere in the world.

Cloth is a critical component in the game and few manufacturers can match the expertise and care needed to produce the beautiful playing surface called for by players and tournament organisers.

Meeting demand is our top priority this year. With further investment in the pipeline, we are now looking at developing new markets in Brazil, Russia and India, where the game’s regulators are keen to be part of the success story that is Strachan cloth,” added Mr Kettell.