Strachan are delighted to announce a new partnership with the IPA. The new deal will result in professional pool’s governing body using the powder blue Strachan 861 cloth for all its events for the next two seasons.

Strachan are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between the IPA and the Simonis Group (owners of the Strachan brand) that will result in the IPA using the powder blue Strachan 861 cloth until at least the end of the 2018 season. The new 861 cloth, with its superb playability, and distinctive powder blue colour will also give the sport its own unique identity. The cloth offers a very different playing experience from the widely used traditional napped woollen cloth.

There are also some benefits for club owners. The 861 has a spill resistant coating to help with those accidents that sometimes happen with spilled drinks, it also requires no ironing (just brushing), and lasts at least as long as a napped cloth.

IPA Chairman Kevin Barton said: “We are absolutely delighted and excited that we are able to formally announce this new partnership with the Simonis Group & Strachan – another first for the IPA, which means that the Strachan 861 cloth will be used at all IPA competitions, following on from the success of the World Series events in 2016 and the 2017 World Championships.  The Strachan 861 offers us the right speed, consistency and control that all players require in order to perform at the very highest levels. This a major transformation for the sport we all love, but absolutely the right change to make on so many levels and represents a huge step forward for the IPA”.

Simonis & Strachan Commercial Director Bernard Bollette said: “The Iwan Simonis Group is the home of the 3 leading cuesport brands: the leading manufacturer of Simonis ™ premium quality worsted billiard cloth, also home of Saluc, the manufacturer of Aramith ™, global leader in billiard balls. And since early 2016, also the home of WSP Textiles Ltd (Strachan Cloth), the leading manufacturer of premium quality woollen cloth and the brand reference for Blackball with its Strachan 861 worsted and 6811 woollen cloths.”

“We are extremely delighted to have this 861 cloth as the official cloth material of all IPA events. With the new 861 cloth and the best balls available (Aramith Pro Cup) Simonis group are always striving to take the professional game to the next level by giving the professionals the conditions that they deserve.”