Billiard cloth manufacturer Strachan will again exhibit alongside Suzo Happ at January’s EAG International Expo in London. But unlike previous years, the Strachan brand will be making its debut exhibition under its new owners WSP Textiles Ltd, which recently bought the cloth manufacturing business from US-owned Milliken.

This has meant creating a new name for the company’s premium worsted American pool cloth SuperPro, which now becomes Strachan SuperPro, pictured. SuperPro is becoming the preferred choice of players, table manufacturers and operators in many markets across the globe.

Feedback is very encouraging.” reports European sales manager Stuart Gardiner.

American pool players relish a fast surface and the cutting system we now use removes all fibre from the wool and nylon blend to produce a nap-free cloth with an eye-catching weave.” Gardiner confirmed that new ownership has improved the company’s ability to make quick decisions.

We have been able to speed up our systems to make them highly responsive to market conditions and the specific day-to-day needs of customers.” added Gardiner.

Strachan will exhibit on stand number 250 where Suzo will be launching its new billiards game, Trilliards.