Strachan Cloth has launched a water resistant “SpillGuard” finish as standard on the market leading 6811 JS cloth in China for the first time.
Strachan 6811 JS is widely regarded as being one of the best Chinese pool cloths available. The cloth is a durable, fast and responsive cloth that was developed especially for the Chinese black 8 game. Strachan has now upgraded the JS cloth to have a water resistant finish as standard. This gives peace of mind to club owners who want to protect their investment when going for a premium cloth.
Strachan sales manager for China, Leo Niu, explained: “Most club owners want the best cloth to attract the best players but are scared to spend a little more because a spilled drink in the first few weeks would ruin the new cloth. This is now not a problem as all 6811 JS is now protected with the new Strachan SpillGuard.”
The new 6811 JS with SpillGuard protects the cloth from all types of drinks being spilled. Even sugary drinks like cola stay on the surface and can easily be absorbed by applying tissue paper. The SpillGuard was developed in the UK after research showed the leading reason for cloth being changed early is drink spillage.