Judd originates from Bristol in the West of England, the home of Strachan cloth.

Both born in the West of England but separated by 100 years of history. Judd typifies the energy, enthusiasm and ultra-professionalism of the modern snooker player. Whilst the Strachan brand, built over a century, represents tradition, trust and assured quality. Both share a common goal – the pursuit of perfection in snooker.

Judd is based at the Grove Leisure academy in Romford, East London, where he practices daily on Strachan cloth. Commenting on the outstanding performance , Trump said “Strachan cloth is fast and responsive. It is a true and balanced playing surface”.

Ahead of the World Championships which starts on 20th April , Trump emphasised the importance of preparations under tournament conditions and went on to add. “Strachan is the only cloth that gives me the confidence, consistency and control I need to perform at the highest level.

Duncan Kettell, Sales Director at WSP Textiles in Stroud said “we are proud to welcome Judd as our Brand Ambassador for Strachan. Judd brings energy and excitement to the game of snooker. He is an extremely popular player and attracts interest from around the world, helping to grow the game of snooker and supporting Strachan, the world’s leading brand of snooker cloth, made here in the West of England.

Judd was born in Bristol on 21st August 1989, 9 years after Strachan was first used at the Snooker World Championships. Turning professional in 2005, he has won 3 world ranking events including the 2011 UK Championships and most recently the 2012 International Championships in Chengdu China, a country where he has reached celebrity status with nearly 200,000 social media followers on weibo.